Cats, dogs, birds and more: Camera club shares animal photos

VALE of Glamorgan Camera Club continuing to grow – with nearly 300 members.

The group, based on Facebook, offers an inclusive space for photographers of all ages and abilities to showcase their work and exchange tips and tricks.

It is a lovely community, with some people who’ve been club members since the group formed and new members being welcomed with open arms.

Every day people share photos they’ve taken in various places across the Vale of Glamorgan with the chance for their work to be featured (with credit) in Barry & District News and Penarth Times.

This includes photos within our weekly picture spreads, which appear both in print and online, which serve as a reminder of the talent on offer in an area with plenty of things to snap.

Photos include all sorts of subjects – including beaches and beauty spots, sunsets and skies, people and pets, and much more.

For 2022 we decided to launch themes for some of our picture spreads, intersected with general spreads to show off an array of pictures.

Our debut themed photo spread – based on animals of all shapes and sizes – had a phenomenal response and we loved seeing such wonderful work.

To check out 20 of these amazing animal images scroll through the gallery at the top of this page.

And if you want to see more of the camera club’s photographs, or fancy joining the fun, you are most welcome. Visit

We also recently launched our ‘behind the lens’ feature for our Barry and Penarth titles, which gives group members the chance to share their story for inclusion in print and online.

It’s been lovely to learn about some of the people behind the cameras, including what inspired them to get involved in photography, and what some of their favourite photos are.

If you’re a member of Vale of Glamorgan Camera Club and want to be featured in one of our ‘behind the lens’ pieces you can fill in a form at

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