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Cardiff Grounds not location for Hinkley Point dredging

THE second phase of dredging for Hinkley Point is not going to see mud deposited in Cardiff anytime soon – despite there being a presence of the dredger vessels.

The dredger vessels – which were used during the first phase of dredging in 2018 – are docked in Barry awaiting approval for to begin their work.

EDF Energy, who are running the Hinkley Point C development, have confirmed they have booked the vessels in anticipation of a dredging and depositing licence being granted for Portishead but they have not made an application for a licence for this to be done in Cardiff Grounds. If they do decide to make the application, it would go to a public consultation – which has been completed for Portishead.


Chris Fayers, head of environment at Hinkley Point C, said: “We have made an application to dredge and then deposit mud at Portishead and are awaiting a decision. We have also submitted an application for Cardiff Grounds. The decision on which licensed disposal site will be used is driven by regulatory approval and project schedule.

“For this second phase of dredging, the UK Government marine scientific agency (CEFAS) went further than before, testing the mud beyond internationally recognised best practice, with more samples at greater depth and with a greater range of analysis. The results confirm previous analysis that the mud is perfectly safe for disposal at sea and poses no risk to humans or the environment.

“The vessels are arriving in preparation for our planned marine works. Works will only commence when the appropriate licences have been granted by the regulator.”

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