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Bird watching and photography

What’s the best way to start photographing birds?

“A camera with a tripod is a useful way to take pictures, but there are also apps now that allow you to take pictures remotely using a mobile phone, so you don’t need loads of special equipment. If you have a table and chairs in the garden, the birds will quickly get used to you being there, so you can sit among them and snap away.

“A really simple technique for photographing them is to set up your feeder several feet away from a hedge or a bunch of plants and put a little perch sticking out of that hedge or those plants right opposite the feed. What you’ll find is that birds will queue up on the branch, waiting for it to be their turn. This makes it much easier for you to take pictures of every bird that lands on the branch. If you put the set up near enough the house, you can do it from the kitchen window.

“The next step, if you want to advance things, is to try and get a picture of the birds flying between the branch and the feeder. You should therefore aim to take a picture every time you see one take off from the branch to capture them in various stages of flight.”

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