I supported an RAF widow this morning, taking her to share her feelings with other bereaved ladies (1 gentleman) who had lost their loved ones recently. The grieving process can be very painful for many, as I listened in. I had been searching for somewhere this lady could get help but, none seemed to be around, that is until I heard about the Saturday morning session run in Adam Funeral Directors, just down from the Barry Memorial Hall.

It is open to everyone; you don’t have to have had Adams look after your loved ones funeral. It was a comfortable side room in Adams, with tea, coffee and biscuits served. It was a safe environment for the ladies, who recently lost loved ones, to talk about their loss which allowed the tears to flow, without feeling sorry to the others.

I learned a great deal this morning listening in, hosted by Adams and a Celebrant Councillor present, who had lost her husband too. They shared their losses. This may be of interest to many who have lost a loved one and find it very hard to come to terms with bereavement. Do pass this on to someone who would benefit.

Adams Funeral Director 01446 735128

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