Barry woman falsely imprisoned in Kuwait is coming home

A WELSH women who was falsely imprisoned in Kuwait is expected to return home this weekend.

Thirty-five-year-old animal rights activist Sara Assayed, from Barry, has been living in Kuwait for 15 years and working as a primary school teacher.

More than two years ago, Ms Assayed was stopped by police and accused of having drugs in her car. She was originally found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in prison, but an appeal at a higher court saw this overturned.


Overturning the sentence, the judge said the evidence was insignificant and the accusations made by the police did not match up – and also that Ms Assayed would be deported.

But 26 days later Ms Assayed remained in Kuwait – in conditions she described as “not fit for animals”. Her family had appealed to the Foreign Office to get her home and now they have confirmed she is expected to be home by the end of this week.

Her sister, Sheree Conibear, said: “We have good news.

“Sara [Ms Assayed’s lawyer] contacted my father 1.30pm today and informed my father that the prison warden has come to her and said pack her things; you will be leaving.”

The family are expecting Ms Assayed home in Barry by Friday or Saturday, nearly 30 months after she was first stopped by police in February 2019.

Timeline of events:

  • February 2019: Ms Assayed stopped by police and accused of having drugs in her car
  • May 2019: After four months imprisonment Ms Assayed was released on bail
  • December 2020: Ahead of her trial, delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, Ms Assayed was put back in prison  
  • February 2021: Ms Assayed was found guilty; this verdict was questioned and later changed to not guilty

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