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Barry residents on Covid restrictions they would like to keep

WITH lockdown restrictions easing and the world is becoming slightly closer to the normality we were used to, we asked what your thoughts were in terms of keeping some of the rules we’ve lived under for the past year in place.

One of the most popular rules you wanted to keep was the two metre distance rule.

Joanne McGovern said: “The one that tells people to stay 6 feet away from me totally works after the past few years.”

Kerri-Ann Bushby added: “2-meter rule only as I hate people getting in my personal space.” Karla Thompson and Kelly Saunders agreed, with Ms Saunders saying that even though most don’t do it, it is the one she would like to keep.

Having booking systems for various places including pubs and the recycling centres is another popular choice.


Terri Nicole said: “I like booking to go places. Means it doesn’t get too crowded.” The sentiment was echoed by Karl Lloyd who said that it means there is not huge crowds of people.

Kirsten Pike says that booking for the recycling centre is one she wants to keep. Rachael Slee likes the recycling centre time slots, telephone triage system at the doctors surgeries and booking systems for tables in pubs – when they reopen.

Working from home is also a hit with our readers. With many preferring the time at home – and not missing the commutes.

Lauren Davies said: “Working from home if you can. There doesn’t need to be 100s of people packed into offices if not necessary.”

Philippa Harris agreed but feels it should be optional – so people can work from home or go into the offices if they wish.

Kelly Western said: “Working from home! I have NOT missed the overcrowded and late trains back and forth to Cardiff.”

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