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Barry readers on self-isolation for covid after rule lifted

FROM Monday, March 28, the Welsh Government lifted the legal requirement to self-isolate after a positive Covid-19 test – although people are ‘strongly advised’ to continue to do so.

First minister Mark Drakeford also said that employers should not force their staff into work if they have tested positive and that the £500 self-isolation payment for low-income families will continue until at least June.

We asked Barry & District News readers whether they would continue to self-isolate should they test positive – and the overall reaction was that they would.

Jaydine Davies-Young said: “If you had proper flu, measles, chicken pox or any other infectious disease that makes you unwell and puts others at risk you would naturally stay home, or in bed until you are well.”

Julie Lynch-Wilson said: “I work in health and social care so yes and still wear masks in work.”

Lyndsey Chambers said: “People have already been out and about with it, the amount of people who are not getting symptoms but due to having to test have found out they had is getting higher. And I would stay home if I was really poorly no matter what I had.”

Laura Jones said: “Tested positive yesterday and the answer is yes I am self isolating! I work in a hospital so can’t go to work anyway.”

Janis Griffiths said: “You can’t tell by looking if someone has an immune condition that puts them at danger of death by Covid. If infectious people don’t keep themselves away from others, then they may be responsible for killing someone. I couldn’t live with that knowledge.”


Martin Day said: “I think it’s ridiculous that people aren’t made to isolate if there positive. God help us when these strains of Covid get stronger this winter.”

Some brought up the financial implications. Kate Parker said: “Won’t be able to afford it unless I’m really unwell and have no other option.”

Vicky Gray said: “I would, but I don’t get sick pay.”

Linda Chamberlain said: “Depends on your employment for some it will go back to take two tablets wear your mask and get on with it in most cases.”

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