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Barry man aimed ‘Clint Eastwood Magnum’ gun at police

A DRUNK man who aimed replica guns at armed police in the street and fired one into the air has been jailed.

Karl Jones, 29, brandished a realistic-looking but fake Uzi submachine gun and an imitation “Clint Eastwood-style Magnum revolver” in Barry.

The defendant was locked up for 16 months by Judge Geraint Walters following the terrifying incident during the early hours of the morning on March 5.


Rhodri Jones, prosecuting, told Newport Crown Court how Jones had pointed the guns at officers before an armed response unit was scrambled.

Barry And District News:

The imitation Uzi submachine gun and revolver recovered by firearms officers. Picture: South Wales Police

The defendant was shot with a Taser by firearms officers before he was arrested.

Jones, of Y Rhodfa, Barry, pleaded guilty to possessing an imitation Uzi machine gun and a revolver with intent to cause fear of violence.

Adam Sharp, mitigating, said his client kept the replica Uzi and “over-sized revolver reminiscent of the Clint Eastwood movies of old” in order scare birds away from the expensive koi carp he had in his pond.

Barry And District News:

The replica Uzi submachine gun. Picture: CPS

At the time of the offences, a South Wales Police spokesperson said: “Everyday our officers have to make split second decision using their skills, training and professional judgement.

“Unbeknown to the officers, the firearms were not real, using expert threat assessments they were able to bring the incident to a safe ending.

“Thankfully situations like this are very rare.”

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