Barry Island IPA part of Lidl National Craft Beer Festival

A BARRY Island brew has hit the shelves as part of Lidl’s British Craft Beer Festival.

Lidl’s British Craft Beer Festival, which kicked off on July 21, will feature a range of craft beers on the shelves while stocks last.

This includes Barry Island IPA which is an IPA with Denali hops.

Brewed at Brains brewery in Cardiff the drink is inspired by the American IPA revolution “but firmly rooted on the sun kissed beaches of South Wales.”

The taste of Barry Island IPA is described as:

“Big-hitting juice bomb with fruity aroma and delicious spiky bitterness.

“Barry Island IPA is brewed with a trio of US hops to deliver a beer bursting with citrus aromas.

“A smooth malt taste is followed with a vigorous bitter finish and a ‘tidy’ clout of citrus and berry hop flavours.”

Barry Island IPA pairs well with a chicken curry.

The brew is available at Lidl stores, while stocks last, as part of the Craft Beer Fetival. Other drinks included are:

  • Balloon Safari (coconut IPA);
  • Queen of Puddings (jammy ale);
  • Fruit Phaser (mango and vanilla smoothie IPA);
  • Wee Zesty (lemon verbena sour)
  • Che Guava (craft lager);
  • Kaihe (DDH IPA);
  • Beinn Hazy (neipa);
  • Pineapple Milkshake (milkshake IPA);
  • Jaipur (IPA);
  • Bigmouth (session IPA);
  • Space Paranoids (hazy IPA)
  • Session IPA (session IPA);
  • IPL (India pale lager);
  • Mosaic Pale Ale (pale ale);
  • Mangolicious Pale Ale (pale ale);
  • Ghost Ship (pale ale);
  • Millionaire Milk Stout (milk stout);
  • Chocolate and Hazelnut Stout;
  • Maple Syrup Stout (stout).

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