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Asda and KFC among most complained about companies on TripAdvisor and Trustpilot

Its fair to say if something has a lot of one-star reviews, it may be worth giving it a miss.

The most complained about supermarkets

MrQ analysed thousands of TripAdvisor and Trustpilot reviews of popular supermarket chains, to reveal which stores receive the most one-star reviews.

Asda takes the lead as the UK’s supermarket with the most negative reviews, with three of every four reviewers leaving one-star.

The top five was rounded out by M&S, Sainsbury’s, Lidl and Iceland.

Waitrose was revealed to be the least complained about supermarket.

These are the most complained about supermarkets:

  1. Asda – 75% one-star reviews
  2. M&S – 73% one-star reviews
  3. Sainsbury’s – 71% one-star reviews
  4. Lidl – 67% one-star reviews
  5. Iceland – 62% one-star reviews
  6. Aldi – 62% one-star reviews
  7. Tesco – 60% one-star reviews
  8. Morrisons – 57% one-star reviews
  9. Waitrose – 52% one-star reviews


The most complained about fast food chains

MrQ also looked at fast food chains.

While many people may manage their expectations when visiting a fast-food chain, a large percentage of customers visiting some of the world’s most famous establishments were clearly very unhappy with their visit.

These were the five most complained about fast food chains:

  1. KFC – 79% one-star reviews
  2. Burger King – 74% one-star reviews
  3. Papa John’s – 73% one-star reviews
  4. McDonald’s – 72% one-star reviews
  5. Harry Ramsdens – 70% one-star reviews

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