The third meeting of 2019 welcomed back Xarifa Cooper. Xarifa, a poet and raconteur is a member of the University of the Third Age ( Barry branch). She is an old friend of the Group and this was her third visit to ACL. She must like us !!
Her talk on this visit was entitled ‘Domestic Superstitions’. These were focused around family traditions though out the U.K., which varied widely according to location. Xarifa, had grown up in Herefordshire, a rural county so her experience of Hatches, Matches and Despatches was one of a farming community. These were to say hilarious ! The Group were amused by her tales of local misbehaviour, liberally laced with cider. Xarifa usually finishes her session with a Quiz. These seem to have become more difficult with each visit ! She joined ACL members for refreshments of the non alcoholic kind. Also the Group celebrated Lee’s  birthday on that day, May 28th !
Forum News: Since May 20th the Vale Cabinet is a Labour led Coalition. Cllr Ben Gray has remained our Older Persons Champion. Executive meeting on June 20th was held at CF 61 in Llantwit Major. This is the new rural venue for GVS, Glamorgan Voluntary Services. A bus from Barry to the venue was provided. Chair of ACL gave  her report at this meeting to Executive members.
The International Older Persons Day function will be held at CF 61 on Tuesday, October 1st. Hopefully transport will be provided on that occasion also.
Arts News: Current Exhibition at Art Central Gallery is ‘A year in the Life of Barry’. Local Photographer Kevin Moore has presented this work to the Gallery. Finishes on June 1st.
CAVC, Cardiff and Vale Students exhibit their Art/Design and Textile final year contributions in the Gallery from June 8th to 22nd. Always worth a visit as the standard improves annually.
Travellers Gallery Broad Street station Barry is showing the work of Cathy Holmes. This is entitled, ‘Winter Trees’ and runs until July 5th. There are numerous events happening throughout the Vale particularly at this time of the year. Local papers, websites, and charitable organizations all advertise to promote their activities.
Member, Mark Collard  raised £305 which has been donated to Dementia Awareness Research from his ‘Waiting for Blue’ Country and Western night. This was held at Cadoxton Conservative Club Barry on April 26th.
Gilly, Ron, Ann and Kay all supported Mark on his debut night from ACL. Another fundraiser is planned for July. A Duck Race at Barry Island.
Members attending the May meeting; Gilly Davies: Chair, Ron Walton, Anne Marie Little, Lee Stuart, Mark Collard, Elaine Harvey, Val Walters, Ann Sear, Carole Williams, Kay Burns, Barbara Laud and of course Xarifa Cooper.
Next ACL Meeting: Tuesday July 23rd . Phil John Room, Barry Library. Time 2.30PM

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