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Art Craft and Leisure Group met for the final time in 2019 on November 26th. As always, this was the Pre-Festive get together, in which each member provided tasty edibles to share with the Group. Prior to the feast, held in the Phil John Room, the Group visited ‘Craft Central’ based at Art Central Gallery.
This Exhibition of local crafters, designers and artists from across the Vale of Glamorgan had opened on Saturday November 23rd and is to finish on Saturday December 21st. Ten makers had been selected who worked in a variety of media that included ceramics, glass textiles stone and paper. Goods are for sale for the duration of the Exhibition. Mondays to Friday 9.30am to 4.30pm, Saturdays 9.30am to 4pm. Michael Goode, an innovative artist/printer who had given ACL an interesting presentation at our September meeting, was one of the organizers of this venture. Contact [email protected] for more information and future exhibition dates.
Forum News: Chair of ACL, Gill Davies, gave her ACL report to the Forum Executive at the November Meeting, held on November 21st. Barry Town Council are relocating back to the Town Hall the week before Christmas. There has been a reorganization of room space on the first floor of the Library to accommodate Council members. The Phil John Room has been booked for the six meetings of 2020 for ACL meetings.
 Art News: Sadly the Travellers Gallery at Broad Street Station Barry, closed on October 31st. VOGA, Vale of Glamorgan Artists, have lost a valuable and unusual art space, however MIND charity will no doubt use other premises for their fundraising.
Members present at this meeting were: Gilly Davies: Chair, Ron Walton, Lee Stuart, Anne Marie Little, Brian Power, Val Walters, Mark Collard, Ann Sear. Apologies: Elaine Hardy, Kay Burns, Mari Major.
Thanks went to Mark for again providing Festive Musical tapes. Chair wished the Group A Merry Christmas  and reminded all present that the first meeting of 2020 would be:
TUESDAY. JANUARY 28th at the Phil John Room. Time 2.30pm.

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