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Are you concerned about Mothering Sunday visits?


Several members of our Silversurfers community have expressed concern about the implications of spending Mothering Sunday with our loved ones this weekend, in view of the latest Social Distancing guidelines.

The guidelines need to be interpreted on an individual basis in relation to your own personal circumstances and here is a link to the latest Government Guidelines on Social Distancing

Only you can make the decision and if you choose not to make the visit, hopefully, you will find an alternative method to send your good wishes either via Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime or a simple phone call.

One of my daughters is in self-isolation and she was worried that she now cannot visit me on Sunday and I said

I already know that you think I am special every day of the year, and not just on the one designated day that you are told to tell me!

What are your views?  Do you go to Church on Mothering Sunday? Are you intending to continue with family visits and gatherings this Sunday? Are the Social Distancing Guidelines clear or do they leave you uncertain what to do?


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