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Are you comfortable dating in person right now?

As the UK slowly eases out of lockdown, the rules finally allow for us to meet family and friends with social distancing rules in place.

It also means dating in-person is possible again for the first time in months – but many are still reluctant to do it.

There are still risks attached to meeting in a bar or restaurant and though you may feel confident you haven’t been exposed to coronavirus, (without a test) there’s no way of knowing with certainty that you or your potential love interest are free of the virus.

Social distancing rules also make navigating the early stages of a relationship difficult – establishing intimacy is a challenge when you’re also trying to stay two metres apart.

But though there are risks, there are also rewards. For single-person households, the extended lockdown has been a lonely and isolating time, and it’s a joy to be able to connect with friends and family again and enjoy meeting new potential love interests.

How do you feel? Are you comfortable dating in person again, or are you sticking to phone, text and video dates for now? Share your views in the comments below

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