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Anti-Brexit campaigner gatecrashes Conservative Party conference dinner in Wales

An anti-Brexit campaigner gatecrashed a dinner being held at the Conservative Party conference in Powys. Steve Bray shouted abuse towards members and about the Prime Minister before being escorted out.

Mr Bray, best known for disrupting broadcasters during, and since, the referendum while they broadcast from Westminster, appears to enter Maesmawr Hall in Newtown where a members dinner was taking place without any realising who he was. Holding a microphone and clutching a Tesco bag containing his fancy dress hat, he shouts: “Welcome to Powys,” which gets cheers, as does his next line. “Big up for Boris, go Boris, definitely go. Go Boris.” You can read more about Mr Bray’s previous antics here.

“Our Prime Minister Boris Johnson, what do we say for Boris,” to which a guest seems to reply. “Go Boris, come on Tories, we love Boris. Say ‘Go Boris’.” Tom James, Director of the Welsh Conservatives, is then seen gesturing to have him removed and he is approached. He removes his hat from the bag, and among those approaching him is Welsh group leader Andrew RT Davies.

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“Bollocks to Boris. You Tory lying cheating toerags. You Tory [inaudible]. Bollocks, bollocks to the Tories. You liars, you cheats, you charlatans,” he shouts. A song plays in the background to the tune of Bye Bye Baby by the Bay City Rollers, saying “Bye Bye Boris”.

A video, being captured by someone supporting Mr Bray, who is from Port Talbot, is disrupted but shows Mr Bray being removed, and Andrew Davies being one of those assisting. Mr James is seen saying “out”. One dinner guests seems to forcefully shout back at Mr Bray before there is applause from the room when he leaves.

ITV Wales political editor Adrian Masters tweeted that he saw Mr Bray leave with police officers waiting for them outside. He wrote: “My ITV Wales colleagues and I are eating in the bar of the same hotel hotel being used for the Welsh Conservative conference dinner disrupted by Steve Bray. He and three others have just left here with police officers waiting for them outside.”

You can see the video here:

The conference, being held with high security on Friday due to the Prime Minister’s visit, continues on Saturday with health minister Sajid Javid attending. A second dinner takes place on Saturday evening with Chancellor Rishi Sunak in attendance.

Mr Bray is removed from the venue

Steve Bray is approached by guests, including Andrew RT Davies

In his tweet Mr Bray alleged he was “robbed and assaulted”. Another tweet says his wireless microphone was “stolen”. The Welsh Conservatives have been contacted for comment.

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