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Aldi reduces all Christmas veg to just 9p

With just one day till Christmas, if you haven’t stocked up your fridge yet, now is the time. 

Plus if you like a good bargain too then budget-friendly store Aldi is doing a great offer that may catch your eye. 

All veg at Aldi is now reduced to just 9p, but you’ll have to be quick as the deal is only on for one day. 

The brand is offering the 9p deal as a way to cut waste this Christmas as Aldi stores across the country shut for Christmas and Boxing day.

From carrots, Brussels sprouts, swede and so much more everything veg is just 9p!

The offer only stands until stock sells out so you’ll need to rush to beat the crowds. 

Aldi fresh vegetables for 9p:

White Potatoes 2kg- 9p

Carrots 5kg- 9p

Brussel Sprouts 500g- 9p

Parsnips 500g- 9p

Swede- 9p

Red/White Cabbage- 9p

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