Aldi launches bath products to help your pamper night in

And we all know a pamper night is nothing without our favourite products.

But be prepared to make some room on your shelf, because Aldi has introduced many new products to help you have the best pamper night that you’ll be sure to love.

Vanilla Honey Golden Bath Nectar

This bath honey has the most luxurious smell and texture. The comforting, sweet smell of honey paired with vanilla has your bath smelling like a spa.

The texture is similar to honey, wrapped around a wooden honey stick, you hold the bath honey under the tap to create lovely, scented bubbles that fill the bath.

This is one of many new products in Aldi’s luxury Lacura beauty brand including a new Korean beauty skincare range.

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Gua Sha

If you haven’t yet discovered the powers of a Gua Sha then you’re missing out! A traditional Chinese medicine practice which uses a tool to massage and scrape your skin in order to relieve tension in the muscles of the face and encourage lymphatic drainage to get rid of any bloat.

And you can now pick yours up at Aldi for only £3.99! You have the choice of Jade or Rose Quartz.


Finish your night off with the Lacura Pineapple Hot Cloth Cleanser, a cleanser and toner enriched with pineapple extract, cocoa butter and aloe vera. And it also comes with a muslin cloth!

This is available to purchase now on the Aldi website!


Pre-order your bath honey and Gua Sha now, and browse the rest of the Lacura range on the Aldi website.

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