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Aldi is selling a vacuum robot for under £130

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We all have the chores we hate doing the most. Whether it be the dishes, cleaning the bathroom or the hoovering.

Yes, nothing can be quite so frustrating as carting your hoover round the house, up the stairs and into every little nook and cranny in your house.

Imagine if the hoovering could just do itself, and you could just sit back with a cup of tea and relax. Oh, the dream…

But what if we told you Aldi could make your dream a reality?

The supermarket is now stocking a vacuum robot. Yes, a robot vacuum! The Easy Home Vacuum Cleaner Robot is on sale online only for £129.99.

Penarth Times: Put your hoovering woes away! (Aldi)Put your hoovering woes away! (Aldi)

The hoover works by remote control and wireless charging, allowing you to control it fully. It has sensitive anti-shock and anti-fall sensors to help it navigate round your house, all while you sit with your feet up.

There are 4 adjustable cleaning modes, a 2-sided brush and 1 central floor brush to have your floors totally dust free.

The deal is only available on Aldi online. You can find out more and buy your own vacuum robot here.

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