Aldi is offering courses on how to get your baby to sleep for under £30

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Aldi’s baby and toddler brand, Mamia, will start making infant sleeping courses affordable for all UK families.

Part of its Specialbuy range, in partnership with Just Chill Baby Sleep, Aldi will help to establish healthy sleep routines for parents and their children.

Online courses will start from as little as £27. This is a 40% discount on standard rates across all sleep courses.

 Parents can choose from four informative courses that cater for new-borns to four-year-olds:

  1. Foundations of Sleep: 0-5 months.
    Practical advice on how to navigate the first few months with a new baby, helping to lay solid sleep foundations and understand their sleep habits: £29.70 (from £49.50).
  2. Sleep Success: 6-9 months.
    Help with nap and bedtime challenge and understanding your baby’s sleep needs to help them sleep peacefully and achieve a better sleep quality: £27 (from £45.00).             
  3. Sleep Success: 10-18 months.
    Advice on how to successfully navigate nap times, bedtime and approach nighttime waking’s for a better quality sleep: £27 (from £45.00).
  4. Sleep Success: 19 months to 4 years.
    Understand a child’s sleep needs, including when and how to successfully transition them from a cot to a bed, allowing them to sleep happily in their own space: £27 (from £45.00).

Rosey Davidson, Infant Sleep Consultant and Founder of Just Chill Baby Sleep, says: “I’m so excited that Just Chill Baby Sleep is partnering with Aldi’s baby and toddler brand, Mamia.

“For so many parents the cost of in-person sleep support is out of reach, which is why we created our online courses and why this partnership means so much.

“To be able to offer our courses at a massive 40% discount and reach even more parents in need is fantastic, and we’re looking forward to helping new parents and their little ones get the best night sleep possible.”

Barry And District News: Aldi is offering courses on how to get your baby to sleep for under £30 (Aldi)Aldi is offering courses on how to get your baby to sleep for under £30 (Aldi)

Here to offer some advice, Rosey has put together a parental checklist for bedtime which she has shared exclusively with Mamia, to give parents a helping hand at what can be the most difficult time of the day:


Have a regular, predictable routine

Having a good balance of sleep in the day can really help your baby to sleep well at night.  While all babies are different, it can be helpful to think about working towards a routine by doing the same things in the same order each night so that baby learns what is coming next.


Think about your little one’s sleep environment

It can be helpful to black out bedrooms, something that can be especially important in the summer months. Temperature is also important; the Lullaby Trust, the baby sleep charity, say that the safest temperature for our little ones is 16-20 degrees celsius.

Looking at how your little one falls asleep can help them get a more settled night

It is very normal for your little one to be fed, rocked or cuddled to sleep, however this can be difficult to maintain. Practice other ways of getting your baby to sleep in their own sleep space to help find a method that suits you, your baby and your parenting style.


Watch out for signs of tiredness

While there are typical lengths of time that babies will happily stay awake for, the most important thing is getting to know your baby. By observing your baby, you can try to get them down for naps during the day before they get overtired. It is also important not to try to force naps when they are under tired.


Fresh air and exercise

Getting out of the house for a bit will blow the cobwebs away and help your little one to burn off some energy. Inside the home your little one will also benefit from lots of time on the floor to keep them moving, while for small babies practising a bit of tummy time can be really helpful. 


Don’t always rush in…

Sometimes your little one will babble or make noise while they are asleep, and by going in too quickly we can disturb them. Equally they can sometimes wake and be happy in their sleep space. If your little one doesn’t need your assistance it is important to give them the space to get themselves back to sleep independently.


Take care of yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help

There’s no shame in not being able to do it all, all of the time. Being sleep deprived can be incredibly challenging and feel very lonely. Please know that is very normal for sleep to be difficult, especially in those early days. Please remember being a parent doesn’t always feel easy, because it’s not! You are doing a great job.

To book a course or find out more, visit the Aldi website.

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