Aldi and Lidl middle aisles: What’s available from Sunday December 5?

Aldi and Lidl have some exciting items coming to their middle aisles this weekend.

When doing your weekly food shop, don’t be alarmed if you come out with more than you put on your shopping list.

Sometimes the middle aisle is just too tempting and things just fall into our trolleys. Tell us we’re not the only ones!

We’ve put together a list of some of the highlights to look out for from Sunday December 5.


From Sunday, you’ll find the things that’ll help you host a great Christmas in Aldi’s Specialbuys.

You can get your hands on the items listed below or browse for more on the Aldi website.

Ambiano Cocktail Fountain

Barry And District News: Cocktail fountain (Aldi)Cocktail fountain (Aldi)

This cocktail fountain could be a great addition to your festive gathering this year.

The fountain comes with 5 cups, allowing you to share this party gadget with your loved ones.

You can buy one for £24.99. 

Ambiano Buffet Server 

Barry And District News: Buffet server (Aldi)Buffet server (Aldi)

This buffet server could sit in the middle of your table this Christmas, keeping your food hot before serving up.

You can change the temperature to suit you and the dishes it holds and it comes with 2 big pans and 2 small pans.

It costs £29.99. 

Kirkton House Roasting Pan

Barry And District News: Roasting pan (Aldi)Roasting pan (Aldi)

If you’re looking to refresh your pans ahead of the big day, you can browse the Specialbuys for a roasting pan complete with a rack to sit the meat on.

The two handles make it easier for you to transport it to and from the oven.

It’s available at Aldi for £10.99.


This weekend, Lidl are stocking items that’ll help update your home this winter.

Look out for these items from Sunday or take a look at other great offers on the Lidl website.

Silvercrest Electric Stove

Barry And District News: Electric stove (Lidl)Electric stove (Lidl)

An electric stove is available for £49.99 and could help keep you warm on those colder days.

The heater has 2 heat options but can also be used with no heat but just for mood lighting.

Philips Lint Remover

Barry And District News: Lint remover (Lidl)Lint remover (Lidl)

A lint remover is also available in the middle aisle from Sunday December 5.

The surface of the blade is large so the lint remover is able to clear large surfaces.

It’s £7.99.

VonHaus 3-Blade Stove Fan

Barry And District News: Stove fan (Lidl)Stove fan (Lidl)

You’ll also find a stove fan at Lidl, giving you the chance to improve the efficiency of your “freestanding stove oven or wood/log burner.”

This works without batteries and electricity and it’s an eco-friendly item.

You can get one of these for £19.99.

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