A465 section 5 and 6: Hirwaun junction (Hirwaun road/Brecon road/A465 roundabout)


Map showing Hirwaun junction plans.​​​​

What we’re doing

  • archaeological investigations
  • demolishing existing properties
  • laying temporary road
  • building bridges
  • installing drainage and culverts
  • moving utilities
  • building a roundabout

To build this road, we will cut up to 40 feet (12.5 metres) into the surface.

We will build a bridge built over the A465 to provide access to the Mynydd Bwllfa wind farm.

We will build a roundabout at Trewaun to connect Penywaun and Hirwaun. We will build 2 bridges to connect Brecon road to the A465.

We will build a temporary road to provide space for the new road. There will be no access to the A465 at the new Hirwaun Junction.

Current progress

We have:

  • cleared vegetation ready for work to start
  • carried out archaeological investigation works
  • moved existing utilities services away from the building area
  • built a new temporary road (see orange lines on the map). This has allowed us to move all A465 traffic and provide space to build Hirwaun overbridge (west).

Next steps

  • Spring 2021 to spring 2022: we will build the new roundabout and connecting road (see red lines on the map). We will build the windfarm access bridge and Hirwaun overbridge (west).

For traffic news on this junction, visit Traffic Wales.

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