“A Wake Up Call” – about climate change/covid 19

“A Wake Up Call”


2020 a new dawn

A new decade to behold

So we were told

Digital a plenty

Overcrowding, poverty rising

A lost identity


Save the earth. Save our planet

Time has run its course

No time for remorse

Say it ever so gently

A lost identity


The rains came, again and again

The winds blew, again and again

Nature had raised its game

Now it was taking aim

Climate change


What’s in a name?

God’s creation; nature’s forgotten; man’s greed

Kerching! Kerching!

In every nation

Such a lovely ring

Birds, Bees, Polar Bears and trees

To name but a few

Shouting. Help! – Please!

Say it ever so gently

A lost identity


Oceans of destruction, hurricanes of distinction

Rivers of plastic

Now that’s not fantastic!

Say it ever so gently

A lost identity


Something drastic has to happen

This plastic is way out of fashion

Something drastic must happen

Where’s the compassion

Motivation, imagination and destination?


Save the earth. Save our planet

Time has run its course

No time for remorse

Climate change. Climate inaction

A wake up call for us all


Actions have consequences

So offensive

Is it time for the world

To open its eyes

And come to its senses


A wake up call for us all


What’s all the fuss

Who’s to blame?

Non-believers, fossil fuel companies, the politicians,

The scientists, wealthy countries, wealthy people

All of us!


Maybe a flip of a coin will decide?

Maybe it’s a knee jerk reaction

To the lack of action

Perhaps, a kick in the groin

Will make us all join


This is not the time to run or to hide

It’s time to stand up and be counted

Protect our earth. Protect our planet

Be proud, have pride, walk with a stride

Stem the tide


Our children have taken to the streets

Greta travelled the Atlantic and spoke to the nations

Some united, some against

The leader of the free world dismissed her challenge

Everything was getting frantic


The headlines came and went

Stories were made and spent

The world ignorant and oblivious

To what was about to unfold

May be the greatest story ever told


An unseen, uncaring deadly enemy

Like no other in living memory

Who would have thought?

A virus lurking, smirking, spreading, hungry for new ground

No messing around


Making plans, silent and sure

The aim, to reign supreme without a cure

An evil so pure. A virus of epidemic, pandemic, proportions

They call it Covid-19

The nightmare in your dream


Arriving in style, mile after mile

Like royalty on tour with an open door

Meet and greet people on the street

One touch, one cough, one sneeze

That’s enough


It took their breath away

Some were laid to rest

Some fought

Some gave their best

Others were blessed


They say it came from the east

Originating from a feast

They say it came from the west

We can’t be sure at best

It had china in its hands


Then came

Italy, France and Spain

They all felt the pain

Young and old

A virus to behold

It took its toll


Next the United Kingdom, four nations

All looking for some kind of freedom

The rain still falling, continent to continent


A wake up call for us all

In the land of the free

Black lives matter was the cry

Across the states they took the knee

Across the world, they took the knee

A wake up call for us all


With all its huff and puff

The U S of A

How Y’all doing


Maybe they have the key?


Or is it all just bluff

A hard rain would fall

Again and again

Now was the time to do or die


The American dream

With its all prosperity and success

It’s one big mess

it’s time for redress

This is not a game of chess


The world in a panic.

What would it do?

What can it do?

Life to go on hold the world was told

A wake up call for us all


Government advice

Wash your hands for 20 seconds

Sing happy birthday, sing the virus away

Social distancing, 2 metres apart


That’s a start



In every town, In every nation


In every city, A place in history

So much misery


What about the economy?

A catastrophe

Tune in, tune in, daily briefings told us

The Daily Death toll, to Stay Alert, Stay Safe, Save Lives

Protect the NHS. – Respect


Who would have thought

In conversations across nations, such words as:













Have all become the norm in this current storm?


Let’s not forget, when we sit on the bus

The brave and the true:

The NHS, the emergency services;

Care workers, critical workers;

Key workers, the unsung heroes;

All of us


In the book, there’s a revelation

A re-adjustment, a re-awakening

Not stirred, but shaken

A chance to reclaim

A chance to win the game for every nation


Lockdowns across the world, easing

Lockdowns coming and going

Never quite knowing


Live life again, watch the R

Keep your guard, be smart

Stay apart. It will be hard

Live life again


Don’t forget, wash your hands

Be thoughtful, be aware, be smart, be strong

Face masks to the fore – J’adore

A second wave, A third wave

Hold tight, Hold tight

Be brave


Across the world, day and night

Trial after trial

A vaccine wins the fight




A wake up call for us all


Look left, Look right

Be bright, see the light

We are on the brink

Don’t you think?

A wake-up call, for us all


A last chance, a last dance for us all

Or it could be one hell of a fall

A brave new world, a new dawn, a new beginning

A re-boot, a fresh start

A wake up call, for us all


Any expression will do

As long as the feeling is true

For man, It’s not too late

For nature, It’s not late

Although, that’s open to debate


A last opportunity for humanity

For worldwide clarity

Will the climate abate or will it close the gate?

That’s open to debate

A wake up call, for us all


This is not the time for hate or blame

This is not a game

This is time for change

It’s not too late

Be great!

Vote with your feet

Walk through that gate

Right the wrong, re-write the song

A virus to fight

A climate to fight


Famine or feast?

The world unite

These challenges can be beat

It’s not too late

Be great!


The powers that be

The oppressed and the free

Can make things right

Sit and talk, don’t walk, see the light

Be bright!


Together, we can unite

Together, we can make everything right

Save the earth. Save the planet


A wake up call

A future for us all


Mark Collard – Copyright © 10th September, 2020

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