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Pencoedtre High pupil allegedly attacked at school

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Pencoedtre High pupil allegedly attacked at school


Yolanda Kingdon, mother of 13-year-old Evelyn Cook, says her daughter’s academic ability has diminished, and her confidence depleted after a brutal campaign of alleged bullying against her.

Ms Kingdon gave a shocking account of her daughter’s experience at the school saying:

  • Evelyn had been hiding in the school lavatory during lessons, falling considerably behind in her education.
  • Experienced a “gang attack” while on school premises, which was videoed and displayed over social media.
  • Evelyn was allegedly “jumped” by several girls in the lavatory, where a girl grabbed her unprovoked and “ragged” her around by her hair then bashed her to the ground.

Pencoedtre High School was placed under special measures after being heavily criticised in a recent Estyn inspection, with one concerned mum saying their son counted 15 fights at lunchtime.

Ms Kingdon went on to explain she had contacted multiple sources for help including the headmaster, the police, and her local MP, and feels she has exhausted all avenues in her search for help.

Ms Kingdon, who is a professional photographer by trade, said she was in the process going to Africa for work, but didn’t feel safe leaving her daughter. The night before she left she bought a last-minute flight costing over £1400 to take Evelyn too.

In a heart-breaking statement, Ms Kingson said she is at her wits end.

“Evelyn was extremely intelligent at a young age,” said Ms Kingdon.

“She was inquisitive, articulate and would ask thoughtful questions. She began Pencoetre with high expectations, eager to learn and make new friends. When school finished after her first day I was excited to hear her news of what a wonderful day she had and it was more of a nightmare.

“Schools are supposed to set our children up for a working life, teaching them life skills of how to behave when they become young adults.”

Barry And District News:

Evelyn was described as a bright and inquisitive girl

Barry And District News:

Pencoedtre High, which was placed under special measures earlier this year

In response, the school has said that any incidents of alleged bullying are taken very seriously.

In a joint statement from the Vale Council and Pencoedtre High, they said: “The school is aware of this matter and working towards a resolution.

“Bullying of any kind is completely unacceptable and both Pencoedtre High and the council have a zero tolerance approach to such behaviour.

“We will work to address any issues of this type brought to our attention and appropriate action will be taken against anyone found to be involved in bullying.”

Parent of kids at Pencoedtre High? What is your experience of the school? Contact the Barry and District News at [email protected] and let us know.

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