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5 major benefits of a tablet stand

Many people struggle with holding iPads, eReaders and books. Invariably propped up against something that’s not necessarily stable or at the best height, leading to neck strain or worse.

Tablets never seem to quite be in the correct position for easy reading. But there is a solution – a tablet stand.

Benefits of using a tablet stand

A good tablet stand holder should be versatile enough to hold all types of tablets, books or eReaders.

Here we have found 5 benefits of using a tablet stand:

  • Relieves strain – holding and looking down at your device can cause strain in the hands, arms, shoulders or neck. A tablet holder will help to reduce these types of upper body strain
  • Holds securely – a holder should be firm and steady enough to securely hold your device, preventing it from tipping
  • Mobile – a good holder should be mobile enough for you to easily move around into every room of your home from the living room, to the kitchen and even the bedroom for those who like to read in bed!
  • Any position – landscape or portrait, with or without a case, a tablet holder should be able to hold your device in any position
  • Versatility – some holders on the market, such as cushions or bean bags, are versatile enough to be used as other things, such as travel pillows or camera mounts.

iBeani tablet bean bag cushions

Recently on the market and receiving rave reviews is the iBeani tablet holder. This type of bean bag device holder is versatile, well made and stylish too. It is even fully washable so perfect for using it to follow recipes in the kitchen – hands-free!

With a range of colours and themes, there is sure to be one that catches your eye.


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